Clevedon hairdressers stock premium Olaplex hair treatments at their Hill Road salon

The team of Clevedon hairdressers at Price & Driscoll are starting the year with a focus on Olaplex hair treatments, to help existing and new clients to maintain optimum hair health during difficult winter months.

When it comes to haircare in Clevedon, the hair stylists at our Hill Road hair salon recommend Olaplex as it is one of the world’s most trusted hair products to use in preventing damaged hair.

Olaplex is a unique hair treatment that has a simple three-step process including a patented active ingredient which works at a molecular level to find broken hair bonds damaged by chemical, thermal, and mechanical means.

Olaplex can be used to restore compromised hair, or it can be added to another hairdressing service at our Clevedon hair salon to provide the ultimate anti-hair-breakage insurance with our haircare experts.

Olaplex hair treatments in Clevedon at Price-Driscoll

The three-step haircare process which is regularly used by our team of hair experts at our Hill Road hairdressers includes:

No 1 Bond Multiplier – this concentrated first step in-salon rebuilds broken disulphide bonds and begins the process of repairing hair and rebuilding damaged hair for clients.

No 2 Bond Perfector – the second in-salon step restores any remaining broken hair bonds to deliver the strongest, shiniest, healthiest hair possible for our clients.

premium hair treatments in Clevedon at Price-Driscoll

No 3 Hair Perfector – this final step is an optional extra home-based hair care purchase which provides continuous protection from damaged hair.

Olaplex has been featured in numerous magazines including Elle, Marie Claire and Cosmo because of the amazing haircare results gained.  It’s a firm favourite with 100’s of celebrities in fashion, movies and music!

Our Clevedon hairstylists love it as fantastic results can be achieved, even after just a single visit to our boutique Hill Road hair studio, where we pride ourselves on offering the best products on the market.

Take, for example, the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture below. One of our clients came to the salon looking to have a vintage blonde hair colour and style.

By using Olaplex, this was created in one visit and despite the client having had bleach applied, her hair was healthier, shinier and stronger than before. She was delighted with the results!

Olaplex offers in Clevedon at Price-Driscoll

You can upgrade your hair colouring service and use Olaplex at our Clevedon hair salon where you have the in-salon No 1 and No 2 Olaplex for just £20.

Plus, when you mention the blog when you book you will be entitled to a fantastic 25% discount on the No 3 Hair Perfector home hair care product as well; used just once a week it will keep your hair in amazing condition. It’s a firm favourite with our Clevedon hair stylists!

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