Clevedon hairdressers shed light on the difference between balayage and highlights

Our team of Clevedon hairdressers are experts when it comes to hair colouring and hair highlighting for our clients – it’s one of the most popular hairdressing services at our Hill Road hair salon.

One of the common questions we get from our clients during the full and free hair consultation we offer is the difference between balayage and highlights – so we thought we’d dedicate a blog post to clarify what each term means.

Balayage is a form of contemporary hair highlighting, whilst highlights are a more classic form of hair colouring where perfectly-placed foils are used to provide a beautiful, all-over hair colouring.

In essence, balayage is a form of modern freehand hair highlighting and hair colour placement utilised by our Hill Road hair colouring experts, but both balayage and highlighting can result in dramatic changes in hair colour.

Let’s take a closer look at highlights, starting with these two gorgeous examples of hair highlighting below from recent client visits to our Clevedon hair salon:



Traditional highlights involve the following hairdressing service:

Foil highlights lighten the hair from root to end, creating a more consistent look with lighter or multiple colours to add depth and tone for a client.

Hair highlighting with our Hill Road hair colourists is perfect if a client is after an all-over blonde look or an all-over colour effect.

Highlights are suited to going lighter with colour all over, of add a multi-tonal hair colouring effect. Clients often have up to three different blonde colours.

Hair highlighting prices from our Clevedon hairstylists start from £45 (depending on the stylist), with service time between 30-90 minutes depending on thickness and length of hair.

Hair highlights from our Clevedon hairstylists usually last from six to eight weeks on average with soft re-growth.

Looking at balayage, the two examples below are from client visits:



Balayage is a bespoke technique that allows the hair to be softer at the root and get lighter at the root. It works with a long or short haircut, providing natural hair growth patterns, as well as varied tones within the overall hair.

It’s a freehand hair lightening technique, allowing our team of qualified hair colouring experts in Clevedon to select the best colour placement to compliment your favourite haircut, skin tone and facial features.

Balayage works on all hair textures, and curly hair is well suited, because a client can pick out each curl they wish to apply colour into.

This hair highlighting method allows for an edgier hair colouring look, blending from dark to light – so if a client is after this hair colour look, we advise on a balayage.

Balayage prices start from £45 (depending on the stylist), and as the service is tailored to each individual client, the duration of the service is discussed with each client during their full and free hair consultation.

Balayages can last longer than traditional highlights, as the hair root re-growth may be less noticeable with this particular type of hair colouring service.

Finally, we also provide thorough after-care and hair maintenance options for our clients – including the best hair products to protect and nourish coloured hair.

Our favourite haircare product for coloured and treated hair is Olaplex.

It’s a unique hair treatment applied during hair colouring, which rebuilds damaged hair bonds during the chemical colouring process.

Olaplex returns hair back to 99% of its original strength, and leaves hair feeling shiny, soft, strong but also beautifully manageable. Ask in-salon.

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