New hairstyles to try with our Clevedon hairstylists – Short Hair

It’s that time of year when clients are looking at new hairstyles to try out with our Clevedon hairstylists. We think that one of the favourites for 2018 will be Short Hair and Bob haircuts at our Hill Road hair salon.

So, we’ve decided to take a closer look at two Short Hair examples in-salon recently, as well as going into further detail on the benefits of short hairstyles.

When it comes to deciding on a short hairstyle, some of our clients are reticent, even though the shape of their face is perfect for a shorter hairstyle, and their daily hair care regime would be suitable for a short hairstyle.

The top reasons our expert hairdressers on Hill Road give when talking to a client during a hair consultation where they are considering a short hair transformation with us includes:

It can feel empowering: There’s something adrenaline-boosting about sitting in the salon chair and anticipating a few inches of hair falling to the floor. But there’s also something very energizing and refreshing about the entire experience when done by professionals.

It’s exciting: Sometimes styling the same look can get boring, which is why any time you cut your hair, you should be psyched to step out of the chair with a fresh cut or style, knowing you look your best. Don’t be afraid to switch up your style; our hair stylists on Hill Road look carefully at your face shape to recommend what suits you best.

You might feel more comfortable in your new style: If you’re open and game for changing your style, you might find that you feel more like yourself or just as comfortable in your new look than you felt with your previous style. But you’ll never know until you try.

Your partner will still like you: You’re the one who’s looking at yourself in the mirror every day, so if you want to try a Long Bob, Pixie Cut or Layered Bob, then do it. Your partner isn’t with you just because of your hair, after all.

Your hair will look healthier: It’s not that your hair doesn’t look healthy currently, but sometimes you can hold onto a style for too long, so that it ends up looking stringy and thinner towards the ends which makes it appear less healthy. By having a shorter style, it often makes hair look thicker and fuller.

You’ll learn how to style your new look: Our team of hairdressing experts in Clevedon will provide you with demonstration and product knowledge so that you can style your hair in the same way outside of the salon.  Having less hair to deal with on a day-to-day basis can save lots of time and fit your lifestyle.

You’ll still be/feel/look great: The Media might portray long hair equals sexy, but in 2018 and any kind of style is sexy as long as you feel sexy in it. Who knows, you might even love getting your hair cut really short after being brave enough to try it once. Visit us and see.

If all else fails, it grows back: As long as you have hair that grows long enough that a dramatic cut is an option, it’ll grow back to being long before you know it if that’s something you prefer. 

If you’ve decided that these all sound like great reasons to try Short Hair, let’s take a closer look at two recent examples of Short Hair styles in-salon.

The first one is striking but simple:

The first example above was for a client who visited us recently and was looking for an exciting, sharp, but low-maintenance short hairstyle for 2018.

The hair was washed using KMS COLORVITALITY shampoo and conditioner. The hair was cut one-length with no layers or graduation to create a sharp, blunt edge shorter at the back than the front.

The style was then blow-dried straight to show off the stars edge of the cut, with products used being KMS THERMASHAPE straightening creme for a sleek finish and heat protection.

The look was finished off with KMS HAIRSTAY anti-humidity spray for anti-frizz and anti-humidity, as well as KMS HAIRSTAY firm finish hairspray.

This look could also be styled wavy with more volume, and for this this look, try KMS ADD VOLUME liquid dust applied at the roots to give volume and texture.

More wave can be achieved using GHD Creative wand and spayed with KMS THERMASHAPE 2-in-1 spray for long-lasting hold.  

The classic Short Hair Bob is a very versatile style and it can be worn straight, curly or wavy, and suits all hair types with low maintenance.

Service time for the above example was 45-60 minutes, and costing from £31.

The second example above showed a hair transformation for a client that involved a completely different look, delivered by our expert hairstylists.

The hair was washed using KMS ADD VOLLUME shampoo, and then graduated into the nape and cut shorter at the back and longer into the front. A hair razor was also used to create lots of texture and remove weight.

The hair was then finger-dried using a diffuser to enhance natural texture, whilst the products used were KMS ADD VOLUME liquid dust at the roots and KMS ADD VOLUME texture creme through the mid-lengths and ends to create big texture.

The gorgeous new look was finished with KMS HAIRPLAY dry wax to enhance and define hair texture and give hold.

A Textured Bob like the above example is suitable for most hair types and hair textures it can be worn curly wavy or sleek. This look can also be styled tucked behind the ear to give a totally different look.

The service time was between 45-60 minutes, with it costing from £31.

Our team of hairstylists in Clevedon are ready to provide full and free hair consultations to all clients considering a dramatic hair change to a short hair look in 2018, so don’t be afraid to come in and see us to discuss it further.

To find out more about our Clevedon hair salon near Portishead, please feel free to get in touch here

Kerasilk luxury hair treatments and hair products launched at leading Clevedon hair salon

The team of expert hairstylists at Price & Driscoll, on Hill Road, are pleased to announce the launch of the exclusive Kerasilk hair treatment range at our leading Clevedon hair salon.

Kerasilk hair treatments in Clevedon at Price & Driscoll

Kerasilk is a range of premium hair treatments and hair styling products from Goldwell which offer luxurious nourishment for hair using exclusive technologies complemented with high-end ingredients.

Kerasilk provides long-lasting results through four customisable in-salon hair treatments containing enhanced keratin: 

REPOWER: strengthens and bodifies fine or limp hair

COLOUR: keeps beautifully coloured hair brilliantly shiny

CONTROL: reshapes and smooths unmanageable and frizzy hair

RECONSTRUCT: nourishes damaged and over-processed hair

These hair treatments can be maintained with a range of take home shampoos, conditioners and even hair perfume!

To complete your Kerasilk experience, a range of premium hair styling products enables you to achieve weightless and touchable styles to create beautiful volume, lusciously smooth hair or enhanced curls.

Book your free consultation to discuss what’s best for you.

Kerasilk treatments on Hill Road at Price & Driscoll

To celebrate the launch of this luxury hair treatment and product range at our Clevedon hair salon, we’ve also got two brand new smoothing hair treatments to offer.

The first is Keratin Smoothing and Control treatment which is designed to control unmanageable and extremely frizzy hair into perfectly smooth, soft and shiny hair which lasts for up to three to five months.

This smoothing hair treatment service takes between two and a half to three hours and costs from £150, depending on the hairstylist.

The second is our Kerasilk Control Defrizz service, which reduces frizz whilst maintaining the natural shape and volume of the hair and what’s even better is that it can be done within one hour and lasts for up to six weeks. Costs start from £45 depending on the hairstylist.

luxury hair treatments in Clevedon at Price & Driscoll

Kerasilk is a salon exclusive product range and as the leading Goldwell hair salon in Clevedon, our expert hairstylists are on hand to provide free advice, hints and tips on hair care.

To find out more about Kerasilk, please visit here.

To find out more about our Clevedon hair salon, please feel free to get in touch here.

New seasonal hair colours launched at leading Clevedon hair salon

New seasonal hair colours launched at leading Clevedon hair salon

Clevedon hair salon Price & Driscoll on Hill Road announce the launch of new hair colours for Autumn from Goldwell wiht an exclusive offer to celebrate